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Styrian Wines - Fruity, Light and Dry

It is geographical factors of climate, soil and location that give Styrian wines their characteristic fruity taste of ripe grapes, the lightness that comes from low alcohol content and the dryness of a wine without unpleasant residual sweetness. These wines are also natural products.

The small harvests create a large demand for Styrian wine on the part of connoisseurs, vinotheks and better restaurants. Since 1989, what had previously been a voluntary control of quantity is now prescribed as mandatory by the Styrian Provincial Government.

Demand and sales of Styrian wines are enlivened not only because they offer the taste that is currently popular and are in short supply, but also because they are available in so many varieties (there is no other wine-growing region in Europe that can boast so many varieties of quality wine).

There are of course excellent white wines, but the availability of equally good red wines is often overlooked. In Styria, 77 % of the vineyards are devoted to white-wine varieties, 12 % to red wines, and 11 % to Schilcher, the unique Austrian rosè.


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